Friday, 30 October 2009

why?? why?? why??

kenape mst kt??
dah kne sumpahan ke ape nth..
i know i'm not perfect person..
i realize that..
i'm not important person tuk diingati,
disayangi, diambil berat (eh tul ke ayat ni..hehe)..
touching sgt ke kt ni.. i really hope that someone
can understand me as well i understand them..
i miz my family.. they always with me..
hanya dorg y tul2 syg kat kt.. wlupn xde la tunjk depn2..

waiting.. waiting.. waiting..
why i'm so stupid.. just waiting but don't know
for how long.. damn it la.. i'm so sad..
aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... crazy.....
stop it wit crying.. but when i cry, i feel calm..

how long i must be like this..
plezzzzzzzzz... answer me..
nobody can understand wat i feel now..
nobody can share wit me..
i feel so lonely.. rndu zmn sek dlu..
xde byk mslh.. hepi je.. semkin besr, semkin byk mslh..
semkin ari kt semkin lemah.. huhuhu.....
stop 4 right now..

*mgkn akn b'smbung nt or x.. 4 now, i just waiting, waiting, waiting*

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